Republicans Not Sure Whether to Hate Gay Marriage or Not

By: Daniel Villarreal

When the National Journal recently asked 109 Democratic insiders (campaign organizers, political analysts, staffers, lobbyists, etc.) whether their party should support gay marriage, 97 percent unabashedly said, "Yes! My party should support it."

But when they asked 99 Republican insiders the same thing, 27 said "yes," 11 said that they should oppose it and 48 said that the GOP should avoid the issue altogether.

That is, the Republicans have no damned idea how to handle gays in love.

It's quite laughable when you read some of the Republican comments to the question: "No one, even gays, will—or should—respect a party without principles. And there are very sound and practical reasons for Christian, Jewish, and Islamic opposition to homosexual marriage.”

“The lines have been drawn on this. Such a polarizing topic, and given other pressing issues, this is a red herring with dynamite taped to its back. No good can come from messing with it.”

“Wouldn’t it be fascinating if, for once, the Republicans were on the front side of a historic wave, rather than thrashed around in the undertow?”

The best comment from the Republican ranks said, “We can’t be a party that supports a zone of personal freedom and then try to use federal power to curtail it. Plus, we increasingly look prejudiced, and not a little stupid, on this issue.”

Yes, prejudiced... and not a little stupid. Not a little.