Six Scout Supporters Who Say Gays Are Child Molesters

By: Sunnivie Brydum

Richard Land

Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention appeared on CNN Tuesday to allege that gay scoutmasters might be pedophiles while still saying that wasn't his point. Despite CNN anchor John Berman's note that as a Cub Scout, his pack had den mothers who were obviously members of the opposite sex, Land continued to attempt to distort the truth.

"Homosexuals by definition are attracted to people of the same sex," said Land. "Now, I’m not accusing homosexuals of being pedophiles. But I’m accusing homosexuals of being what they say they are — attracted to males."

"Do parents really want to allow their teenage boys to go on camp outs with men who are attracted to the same sex?" Land continued. "They wouldn't let their girls go on campouts with men who are attracted to women. This verges on being beyond the realm of the rational. … This is going to lead to human tragedy, and the human tragedy is going to be, sadly, boys and men that are going to end up in relationships that are going to be tragic."