Six Scout Supporters Who Say Gays Are Child Molesters

By: Sunnivie Brydum

Linda Harvey

Conservative radio pundit and president of the antigay, antichoice Christian organization Mission: America, railed against not only gay scoutmasters, but gay scouts themselves, saying they present a serious threat to straight scouts. 

"It's about more than the adults in charge and potential abuse," Harvey wrote in a column for right-wing site WorldNetDaily last month. "The kids themselves bring a whole new threat level, mostly to other kids."

Lest anyone be confused about the specifics of that "threat," Harvey continues. "First, there's the long-standing concern about pedophilia," writes Harvey in her January 29 column. "This new policy introduces homosexual attraction into the troop environment where previously sex separation kept that complication out of the character development of these young men. If homosexual identity is allowed, you also open the door to same-sex flirting, innuendo, 'dating.' What about the 25-year-old homosexual Scout leader and a 14-year-old Scout? What about the 14-year-old Scout and a 12-year-old? What about two openly homosexual adult leaders who display their attraction for each other in front of all the boys? And so on. And with males, attraction quickly goes to the sexual level. But now, that’s OK."