Madonna and Beyonce Pass Notes on Marriage Equality

By: Brandon Voss

We've previously compared Madonna's and Justin Timberlake's Instagram skills, but now Madonna is going head to head with Beyoncé for a very good cause.

Call it new-school nostalgia: In honor of the SCOTUS hearings, both Beyoncé and Madonna have posted old-fashioned handwritten notes of support for marriage equality on their newfangled Instagram accounts.

Bey gets clever with her Instagram shout-out, writing, "If you like it you should be able to put a ring on it. #we will unite4marriageequality!"

Meanwhile, Madonna posted a note that read "Marriage Equality! Let's Start a Revolution" to her Instagram with the additional message, "#marriage equality. A revolution of LOVE !!"

Are you feeling the love from these ladies? See both notes below.