Politician Against Gay Marriage Because They Don't Face Each Other During Sex

By: Brandon Voss

Now we've heard it all.

Mexican congresswoman Ana María Jiménez Ortiz was talking all kinds of crazy at a recent conference, as reported by The Independent.

When asked if gay marriage should be legalized in the state of Puebla, she said, "Marriage should only be considered in those relationships in which the members have sex while facing each other... A marriage should only be considered amongst people that can look at each other in the eye while having sexual intercourse, something that doesn’t happen in homosexual couples."

A member of Mexico's PAN party, the politician also referenced a controversial study about children with same-sex parents, but let's stick to those comments about gays not making eye contact, shall we? Can blind straight people get married, Ana? What about heteros who like it doggie style?

Following a public backlash on Twitter, she later insisted she had made her point in a "respectful manner," adding, "I'm sorry that my participation was taken out of context and doesn't sum up the explanation that I made and that this has generated a series of attacks towards me on social networks, from people that unfortunately were not there and only have information from one source."

Only some Mexican states have legalized same-sex marriage, but the Supreme Court has ruled that gay marriage will be recognized in all parts of the country.