Positive Support: Larry

By: Joe Thompson

"Deciding Moments" are everyday opportunities for people to take a stand against HIV – to be "greater than" the disease. Produced by Greater Than AIDS, an organization dedicated to reducing the spread of HIV, these videos show people doing simple acts that can change the course of this epidemic.

Today's video features Larry, who is HIV-negative. He explains that his deciding moment came when his ex of 17 years was diagnosed positive. "In 2002, he almost died due to PCP pneumonia," he says on his Greater Than bio page. "He is a miracle and once he recovered, I knew I wanted to be a mentor for those with HIV, especially younger gay men and their partners in general. I have taken an active role in getting to know guys who are positive and being their friend- someone they can turn to, no matter what."

Check out his short video below.

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