Positive & Proud Deciding Moments: Alejandro

By: Joe Thompson

The Greater Than initiative has produced a series of videos entitled Deciding Moments. The organization defines these are "everyday opportunities to take a stand against HIV – to be 'greater than' the disease. It may be walking into a clinic and asking to be tested, buying (and using) condoms, correcting a piece of misinformation, talking with your friend, or keeping up with your medications. Through these simple acts, we help to stop the spread of HIV. And, by each of us doing our part, we can collectively change the course of this epidemic."

Today the speaker is Alejandro, who donated blood during a drive at his job. On his profile page he says that "after I gave blood they notified me and told me that I was HIV positive. At first I thought I was going to die, but I was able to find great support groups in my community." But for Alejandro, that wasn't his Deciding Moment. That came through a more personal experience. He explains his Deciding Moment came, "When my late partner Joe (I have lost two), told me that I can accomplish anything. He made me realize the strength within me."

Watch Alejandro's inspiring video below.

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