WATCH: "I Will" Music Video from Marshall Titus

By: Joe Thompson

“I Will" is a beautiful music video from singer / songwriter Marshall Titus and film director / photographer John Gress. It was born out of a campaign that seeks to stop the stigma of HIV. According to the press notes, "Gress and Titus want to help create a new consciousness that will transform the public’s fear of HIV into a simple message: if more people get tested and enter into treatment then fewer people will become infected with the virus."

Reading that can make some guys immediately move on to the next article. Please don't.

HIV isn't sexy, or romantic, or a "joyful" topic, and for some gay guys it's just easier to turn a blind eye in the belief that it will impact other people's lives. But what "I Will" does, is it turns the whole story of HIV around. Instead of simply focusing on the dread of the disease it takes the viewer on a journey. It moves from every day life into regret, confusion. fear, and then to embracing the joys and excitement that comes from living life and finding love.

“The focus solely on condom usage and fear have not led to comprehensive rational decision making,” Gress says in the release. “It has led to a rift in our society that not only divides us, but it makes people afraid to be tested for HIV, because the last thing anyone wants to be is marginalized. People who are negative run from people who are positive, and people who are positive try to avoid rejection by avoiding people who are negative.”

As educated gay men we know we should get tested. We know we should also enjoy our lives and live them to the fullest. This video encourages people to do both.

Check it out.

"I WILL" is available at iTunes
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