WATCH: ‘My Fabulous Disease’ Holiday Spectacular!

By: Rick Andreoli

This year we were fortunate to have contributions from writer and humorist Mark S. King. He's a self-described "positive gay addict" and his entries in our Positive & Proud section, as well as throughout, have brought readers moments of laughter, joy, and thoughtful introspection. Now he's delivering this new video ‘My Fabulous Disease’ Holiday Spectacular! His entire family got in on the act—it's easy to see where Mark's humor originated from—and he described the shoot like this:

My family was enthusiastically participating in a video about my life with HIV. And they were much more concerned with choosing a fun holiday outfit than being publicly associated with their HIV positive relative. For them, sitting down for an interview about my HIV status, well, that was the easy part. They had no problem being candid about my HIV, as you will see.

I am an extremely blessed and fortunate man.

True enough, and is a better site thanks to his contributions. Enjoy the show.

You can read more of Mark's work and watch his videos at My Fabulous Disease.