Kylie Minogue Drops A ‘Timebomb’

By: Jase Peeples

The noise that woke you up this morning? It was the sound of a billion Kylie fans’ brains exploding when we all learned the diva dropped a new single and video titled “Timebomb.”

The new single is another surprise part of K25 — the celebration of Kylie’s 25th year in the music industry — and redefines the meaning of the word fierce. (Madonna, grab your assistant because it’s time to take some notes.)

Those driving beats and hypnotic lyrics swirled with Kylie’s angelic voice hit like an electric surge to the soul.

“Timebomb” is an aggressive beast that hooks into your eardrums and commands your body to move.  (Could this be the newest Pride party anthem?)

The video is a mix of sexy and sweet with a dark edge – showing us a side of the songstress we’ve never seen before.

Kylie’s got us at her mercy with this one – and we willingly submit.

Let the video consume you below and then head over to iTunes to snag the single.