Cazwell Serves ‘Rice and Beans’

By: Jase Peeples

Cazwell, host of Here TV’s Boombox, is back with another scandalous music video – just in time for Pride!

If you were mesmerized by the hypnotic hip-shaking hotties featured in the openly gay rap star’s now-famous “Ice Cream Truck” video, (Who wasn’t?), you’re going to want a second helping of “Rice and Beans.”

Filled with a gaggle of gorgeous, greased up guys, “Rice and Beans” is a feast for the eyes that makes “Ice Cream Truck” look like an appetizer.

Cazwell brings  his usual sexy swagger to both the video and, (of course), the track as well.

This is an artist who knows how to entertain, straddling the line between silly and sexy with lyrics like, “You’re the host with the most. We got dos plananos.”

Check the video below to sample this platter, but be warned – it's extra spicy! (NSFW)