WATCH: Sir Ari Gold Gets Naked and Does Drag in 'Play My F**kn Record' Video

By: Brandon Voss

We'd be content just to watch Sir Ari Gold watching TV in his underwear, but the out performer gives fans a few more visual treats in his latest video, "Play My F**kn Record."

Directed by Francis Legge — most recently of "It's Tan Mom!" fame — "Play My F**kn Record" features the pop singer-songwriter running naked through the streets of New York City and doing drag alongside drag divas Milan and Manila Luzon. Yeah, we'd DVR a show called JewPaul’s Drag Race.

Skewering the current state of the music industry while celebrating gay rights, the video also features cameos by NYC nightlife personalities like Sherry Vine, Michael Lucas, and Michael Musto.

The song is the first single off of Gold's upcoming retrospective remix album Play My F**kn Remix, out June 4, which chronicles his pioneering career as an award-winning openly gay male artist.

“I like the idea of a retrospective remix album because it at once pays respect to my past but keeps an ear toward the future," says Gold, whose first album dropped in 2000. "It’s kind of shocking to realize that 20 years had passed between the first wave of superstar acts like George Michael, Boy George, and Elton John came out, and current acts like Adam Lambert and Ricky Martin. I feel so honored to have been a proud voice in pop music during a time when we didn’t have enough.“

Check out the "Play My F**kn Record" clip below.