Miley Cyrus: 'We Can Love Who We Want, Screw Who We Want'

By: Brandon Voss

Yesterday Miley Cyrus dropped her new single "We Can't Stop," a summer party anthem that's decidedly darker, more mature, and maybe even a bit gayer than "Party in the U.S.A."

"It’s our party we can love who we want," she sings. "We can kiss who we want, we can screw who we want."

Free love is one thing, but the 20-year-old former Disney star may raise a few eyebrows with racier lyrics like "shaking it like we at a strip club," "trying to get a line in the bathroom," and "dancing with molly" — a slang term for MDMA.

"Like the song says, we can love who we want," she told MTV News. "I'm really free about the way I feel and who I am. Of course, I want people to love my music, but it's like, at the end of the day I make music for me. I make music 'cause I love it and I know, like I said, I put good energy into it. I want to make this song the biggest song in the world."

How about the biggest song of Pride? Check out the track below and let us know if you want to love it too.