Pride Beats: The Summer Sounds of Ultra Records

By: Scott Ragan

Ultra Records churns out so much good dance music during the summer that it's hard to stay on top of their new releases.

The New York City record company has now partnered with Sony Music, which has further boosted exposure for a huge artist roster, arguably making Ultra the most influential dance label in the world.

Any decent club DJ has a ton of Ultra music in his or her collection during a set. The label is known for Ibiza-style peak-time tracks that always guarantee a packed dance floor will have its hands in the air!

The cuts we have for you below are merely a few of Ultra Records' summer releases, but we specifically chose them for their Pride Beats appeal. Listen loud, wherever you celebrate Pride this year.


Dan Black feat. Kelis - "Hearts"

Time-lapse photography never looked so good — especially when Kelis joins in on the action. Shot on a Paris rooftop during a 24-hour period, London producer and singer Dan Black uses 80's imagery to nicely compliment this melodic release.


Rebecca & Fiona - "Union"

Swedish duo Rebecca Scheja and Fiona Fitzpatrick are known throughout Europe for their quirky psychedelic dance-pop, and they love to play dress-up in videos. Watch them channel ABBA, leather biker chicks, and formal Japanese tea hostesses, all while running from a murderous robot in the subway.


Wolfgang Gartner feat. Medina - "Overdose"

Los Angeles producer Wolfgang Gartner serves a hot slice of progressive house with Danish dance diva Medina on vocals.