PICS: Seattle Celebrates 40 Years of Pride With George Takei and Macklemore

By: Editors

Celebrating 40 years of Seattle Pride, this year's parade was the best yet, with a long list of prominent activists and organizations participating. This year's parade theme, Generations of Pride, celebrated the history of the Northwest's LGBT rights movement and the progress the LGBT community has made since in 1974, the year of the inaugural Seattle Pride celebration.

Celebrity grand marshal George Takei was joined by Seattle-based rapper Macklemore, a strong ally of the LGBT community, in a surprise visit. Thanks to Nate Gowdy Photography for these great photos.

George Takei was obviously glad to be there.

Oh, yeah, the usual party poopers, God bless them.

Cool rainbow flag-holder straps, guys!

Well, hello, Macklemore!

Spidey Pride.

This is a good look for the day.