Pride Guide

A Silly Way to Show Your Gay Pride

By: Michael Matson

We live in stressful times. To maintain sanity, one needs to take time out on occasion and just be silly. That’s exactly what we did after stumbling across this absurd yet smile-inducing Rainbow hat on novelty site How can the world get you down when you’ve got this thing on your head? sums it up best:

“It’s giant. It’s colorful. And most important, it’s probably just about the happiest hat that we’ve ever sold. Whether it's a parade, or just a relaxing night watching Project Runway, you'll always be in a great mood with this Rainbow hat on your head, and everyone around you will know just how joyful you are. (We’re pretty sure they’ll even be able to see you from outer space!)”

The Rainbow hat retails for $24.99. Buy it here.