Pride Guide

Are You Dateable? What Men Look for at Gay Pride

By: Rick Andreoli

Gay Pride just might be the perfect place to meet the guy of your dreams because it provides three great ingredients: positive energy, large numbers, and ample opportunity for conversation.

When one goes to a specific bar to socialize, he does so because he's generally attracted to that scene and the types of men who go there. So if you're not into dance clubs you may not meet a really cool dude who happens to love dancing, and as such Mr. Right may never sip-and-twirl past you. At Gay Pride all rules are off. Men with varied interests from all kinds of backgrounds gather in one place for a grand celebration. Spirits are high, conversations are sparked with ease, and that means you've got many great chances to connect.

This only raises one question: What are gay men looking for in a boyfriend, partner or husband?

To answer that, we conducted a Rules of Attraction survey on Do you agree with what these men thought was important? Do you fit the qualifications? Check out the info below and let us know.

•6,772 men responded
•88% identified as gay men
•10% as bisexual
•2% as questioning
plus 19 lesbians and 9 straight people rounding out the total respondents

•67% of these people were NOT in a relationship
•61% of them came out between the ages of 13-26
•80% of them lost their virginity during that time (but only 73% of them lost it to a person of the same gender)

They consider themselves...

Does the other man's versatility matter?

And the age-old question: Does the other guy's penis size matter?

Since we just got the big one out of the way (pun totally intended), what other physical attributes are guys into these days?
•Body Hair - 40% don't care, 25% like it if it's groomed, 21% are picky about how much and where it is on a guy, 7% love it and lot of it, and 7% absolutely hate it on the other man
•Interestingly 66% of respondents wax, shave or clip their body hair

•Grooming - 44% say a guy's breath matters most, while 38% say it's his scent, 16% healthy skin, and 2% need good hair.

Does the man you're dating need to have a job?

Education level followed a similar path, with 53% thinking it was somewhat important while 24% thought it very important; 24% said it was unimportant.

Religion and spirituality was another pretty close set, with 56% saying it was unimportant, and 44% thinking it was somewhat or very important—with more users in the "somewhat" section at 36%.

Income level? With all the talk about gays and their expendable income you'd think it might matter, but the men were pretty split on the subject: 47% said it was somewhat important, while 45% said it was unimportant (9% said it was either "definitely" or "very" important).

Race was an interesting mix: 46% said the other man's race was unimportant, 39% thought it somewhat important, and 16% said very important.

Do gay guys prefer to date older or younger men?
•51% said it didn't matter, 28% said they'd go for a younger dude, and 21% like older
•35% would date a man 2-5 years older, 35% would date a guy 5-10 years older
•Sadly, only 1% would date a man 20+ years his senior
•29% would for 5-10 years younger, 25% would go for 2-5 years younger
•6% would date someone 20+ years his junior; let's hope these are men over 40.

What kind of relationship do you want to be in?
If your partner got fat, would you break up with him?

Would you date someone who was HIV+?

And the best question of them all: What is the trait you consider most important in a partner?