Pride Guide

Host the Perfect Pride Brunch

By: Editors

Brunch is a sacred tradition in many gay circles. As Pride season sets sail and summer travel brings old and new friends together, throwing a brunch is sure to be the highlight of the summer social scene.

Think about it: You can still sleep in, alcoholic beverages (a.k.a. "day drinking") are welcome, and the simple menu makes stylish buffets a breeze while allowing even the least talented chefs to host.

With a little help from, you’ll be throwing the perfect Pride brunch party.

1. Keep it simple with a buffet - Use place cards to label your dishes so guests know what they’re putting on their plates. Serve a simple yet decadent spread of bagels, cream cheese, cut cucumber, onion, tomato, smoked salmon, and move the toaster to the table for self-serve brunch bliss.

2. Easy eating equals optimal seating – Stick to bite sized portions wherever possible. It facilitates noshing and minimizes the need for a lot of silverware or sit-downs. Try silver-dollar pancakes, French toast bites (cube the bread before you cook), and cut fruit and pastries into single portions.

3. Dazzle with drinks – Give the people what they really want at any party: festive libations. Break out the blender for real-fruit daiquiris, refreshing mint juleps, or stick to the simple gold standard of great brunch, mimosas. Have a bucket of cold beers on ice to please all palates. Pull out all the stops with an awesome Bloody Mary bar — it’s interactive fun, easy access drinking, and memorably special with minimal legwork.

4. Enhance the mood – Play campy Saturday morning cartoons like He-Man on the TV to get the good morning vibes going. Try a group favorite film like Priscilla Queen of The Desert and get a drinking game going. Play Celebrity, get a few copies of the newspaper to tackle the crosswords in teams, and once everyone’s loosened up, suggest a rousing round of Twister or dirty Scrabble.

5. Go off the beaten (egg) path – Not into the boring, expected brunch route? Stand out with a dim sum brunch, try traditional Mexican chiquailles and breakfast burritos or traditional tea service, indulge with a French pastry fest, or, if your group is in the body-conscious set, challenge the group to potluck a healthier brunch menu.

 6. No chef? No problem – Brunch is perfect for the host with the most who can hardly cook. Stock up on fresh fruits (whatever's in season and on sale), and set out large bowls filled to double as centerpieces and snacks. Stick to a store bought menu like this.

7. Share the schlep – It’s perfectly OK to ask for a little help. (Control freaks: re-read that last sentence until it sinks in!) Ask some close friends who are like family if they wouldn’t mind bringing a six-pack of beer, their famous muffins, or arriving an hour early to help set up your spread. You’d be surprised how eager to help true friends are for the good of a good party.

 8. Know your numbers – You get about six full glasses of champagne from a bottle. A baker’s dozen will give you 13 bagels. Take a moment to see how much you’ll need to provide to satiate your guests. Keep extra on hand of essentials like beer, booze, and a portion of a main dish, in the kitchen cause this party will be a hit (duh!) and is likely draw a few RSVP stragglers.

9. Assign party zones – Consider the best place for the high-traffic buffet table. Arrange seating at a comfortable distance. Put the bar against a far wall to avoid gridlock. Keep the water fights outside! Make room for a dance floor or karaoke area by the TV if your group loves to ham it up. No shoes in the house? Provide a basket by the door.

 10. Prep your party for perfection – Bake fresh scones and arrange flowers the night before. Create a menu on poster board with special Pride-themed names for food and drinks (i.e.: a mimosa = “Queen Dream,” mini pancakes = “Twinkcakes,” etc.). Bake extra biscotti and wrap two up for each guest to take home. Set up a table with a Polaroid, paper, marker, and all your scarves, hats, and gag gear for a makeshift photo booth. Between the provided Polaroid and camera phones, your friends will have a field day snapping away.