Pride Guide

Pride Tips: Great Beginnings for Shy Guys

By: Editors

So you’re the shy type. A bit quiet, a bit reserved. Maybe you were a "late bloomer" or are still a little on the inexperienced side. Maybe you’re just the type of guy it takes time to get to know.

And that’s awesome.

But it’s Pride this weekend. You want to get out there and celebrate in the one atmosphere where you can most definitely be yourself and let loose.

Here are 14 options for a failsafe opening line to deliver to a guy who catches your eye at Pride. Smile and say one of these guaranteed great beginnings and leave your shy side at home this weekend.

1. “Do You smoke…?” (Whether they say no/yes.) “That’s OK. I actually just wanted to talk to you.”

2. Get a friend to subtly steer/brush you by him in the crowd. With a sincere smile: “I’m so sorry, my friend almost ran me through you. Are you all right?”

3. “OMG, your shoulders are huge. Do you box?”

4. To the cutie glued to his phone/texting: “Room for my number in there?”

5. This is one for on the crowded dance floor/bar. Spill his drink. It’s a bit dramatic, but maybe try to stumble into a fellow with most of his drink already gone. Oops! Party foul. Graciously offer to replace his beverage immediately. Bonus: He might just have to take that wet shirt off to keep partying.

6. Innocently (not creepily!) ask: “Doesn’t Pride make you horny?”

7. The Lost Puppy: “Hey do you know where the [bathrooms, main stage, bar 3, etc.] is? I’m supposed to meet my friends there in a bit.” If he’s receptive, ask if he could point you in the right direction or show you the way.

8. At the crowded bar: Order two shots. Offer the spare to a hot dude standing alone. Cheers!

9. Compliments, compliments, compliments. Make them unique. You know how nice it feels when some one catches you off guard with a thoughtful compliment? Yeah, everyone’s a little (or a lot) vain. “Those are really awesome [shoes, Diesel jeans, glitter wings, etc.]. Where did you get them?”

10. Parade day: Bring your SPF to Pride. Send a smile to a sexy shirtless man and if it’s returned, offer him a little sunblock. “Aw, looks like you’re getting a little red back here. Want some?” Promote healthy skin and your love life.

11. Have gum. Take a piece out and enjoy. Offer to a surrounding yummy guy. Be sure to smooth over with a “not that you need it” if he looks offended.

12. “It’s my first Pride! Can I have a little kiss?’

13. “Weren’t you in the cast of Dante’s Cove?!"

14. The Classic: “Where are you from?” It starts a dialogue. Even if they’re local, counter with: “Really? I never see such cute guys around.”

Line to avoid: “OMG, I love your rainbow flag! Where ever did you get it?”