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Pride Tips: How to Get Rid of Guys in One Line or Less

By: Editors

Pride is in full-swing all over the globe, and if you're planning on attending one of the upcoming festivities, you might be one of the many gays hoping to meet a cute guy in the midst of all that celebrating.

However, you’re bound to come across a few undesirable dudes on the road to finding Mr. Right as well. That’s why we’ve put together some surefire cease-fire rejection lines guaranteed to derail the efforts of that creeper following you around the bar at the afterparty or the troll who won’t take the hint at the parade.

Here are our 10 super-strong kiss-offs to get rid of any guy. Some are kind, some are cruel, and some are clever, but they’ll all clearly convey your lack of interest.

  1. “Thanks but I’m into guys 5'4" and under only.”

  2. “I’m here with my Grandmother — we do everything together — but I’m sure she’d love to meet you!”

  3. “You know, you’re cute, but I’ve actually got a hubby/boyfriend.”

  4. “Almost all my attention goes toward my main passion: collecting dolls…”

  5. “Ohhh, you’re hot too; does my lip look clear?”

  6. “Tell you what: You can be on standby in case I can’t find anyone better.”

  7. [Burp]. Loudly.

  8. “I can’t get into it, but I’ve recently had significant surgeries that make dating challenging at the moment.”

  9. “It’s not you; my ex just ruined me for all other men.”

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