The Strangest Place You've Ever Done It - Sex Survey Results Revealed!

By: Joe Thompson

There's an urban legend that during a taping of The Newlywed Game back in the 1970s, host Bob Eubanks asked a female contestant how her husband would respond to the following:

Eubanks: Where's the most unusual place you've ever made whoopee?
Contestant: That'd be the butt, Bob.

While Eubanks has denied the incident occurred, it would be a tame answer for some readers. Following our recent Kinks & Quirks survey we got 2,446 responses to the question "Where is the strangest place you've had sex?" and we placed the answers into three main categories: Pretty Common, Did You Do Porn? and Is This for Real?. Here are some highlights.



Hooking up in a park, golf course or the woods may seem crazy to some, but when tons of readers have done it you realize we are all whores that "strange" is a relative term. Where did the majority of you do it?

•Parents' bedroom (bed and floor), bathroom, living room, kitchen, or car— generally done while parents were at the house or nearby. A few got bonus points for doing it on the roof of a parents' house.

•In the back of a truck, on the hood of a car, inside the cab of a semi truck (bunches of you), and in the back seat of a car. Props to the 20+ guys who said "motorcycle."

•For park patrons, the specificity of the answers was fun: next to a grill, on a jungle gym, in the sand, behind the bushes (day or night), on a picnic table or bench. Our favorite? Tied to a pole overlooking a public park.

•Dungeons may sound crazy, but lots of you have been to one and used it.

•Believe it or not, corn fields are very popular. So are alleys, mall restrooms, subways and trains, storage / broom closets, storage units, zoos and cemeteries. (Don't judge.)

•The work restroom or someone's office sound fun, and the guy who did it while on a conference call with the entire company should definitely get a raise.

•While store bathrooms aren't surprising, the guy who did it in a clothing rack at Kmart gets special points.

•Military locations are exciting and erotic, and many of you did it on a submarine, air craft carrier, other naval ship, in a hanger, in the barracks, and while stationed in the desert. However, "In an Air Force C141 above Japan" and "In the cock pit of a B1 bomber" deserve a big salute from us. Yes, sir!

The funniest answer some of you tossed out as being the strangest place?

•Inside a woman.

And while a park was pretty common, here's the funniest park story:
•"In a park wasn't the strange part. Strange was when a dear old lady from the community walked her
dog early in the morning. We were still doing it on the walk bridge. She arrived unexpectedly, but only said, 'Good morning, gentlemen. Lovely way to begin the day!'"


These scenarios seem plucked from the latest adult DVD, ripe with hot tubs, sex clubs, bath houses, locker rooms, saunas and spas, t-rooms, and even nightclub bathrooms. Some that are really worth quoting include...

•On a pool table, at a party with 50 people watching, to win a bet that I could take a pounding from a giant dude.

•In a room filled with straight guys who didn't realize what we were doing over there.

•On duty in a police car.

•Confessional at the Vatican.

•I had sex in my boss' bathroom at a Christmas party with one of his wait staff for the party.

•In a drag queen club, in the dressing room, while my partner's friend where watching and scoring us! I
got an 8.5/10. :-)

•On a ski lift while riding to the top of a mountain to ski down. The other man was a total stranger, the lift
stopped for some reason, and in talking a moment we just went for it and gave each other a BJ.

•My boss's office on her boardroom table. I brought some leather and met a guy at the office after hours. I did him on the table and up against the floor-to-ceiling windows that looked out at office buildings across the street.

We don't believe this one for a second—unless they were actual actors on a set—but...

•In a cop car, with three cops, all at the same time.

And the crazy one (even by our standards)?

•In an adult-sized crib.


Rather than try to fancy it up, let's just give you the edited quotes...

•Got nailed hard in a church Sunday school room by one of the groomsman right before my brother's wedding.

•In a southern baptist church during a fiery sermon on the evils of homosexuality. Good times.

•On the high altar of a huge Catholic church. I think I heard angels singing!

•Across the street from Parliament Hill zone against the buttress of a wall on the High Anglican Church's main cathedral, while Royal Canadian Mounted Police patrols drove around us. He was the son of a South American ambassador who I met while dancing. Latin lovers are always one of my favourites, now!

•The "imagination garden" of the Tyler, TX, Municipal Rose Garden.

•In a Fountain at a War Memorial Monument in Kansas City's Liberty Memorial Mall.

•Top floor of the Girl Scout's of America Offices on the east side of NYC.

•In a filled, hoarder-type apartment.

•I once had sex in a ATM booth during Pride while 500 people watched me do this guy. We got a standing ovation when it was done.

•Observation deck of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day

•The Queen's chair in the royal room of the Palladium Theatre in London. It was haunted, too!
Editor's question: The chair or the theatre?

•Near the domus Aurelius in Roma. It had been an extra hot day and I daresay the vino had its wicked way with me. It was with this German tourist, a chance meeting, but the sex was hot and thrilling.

•Cockpit of an airplane with both pilots.

To all you guys who thought the shower, your bedroom, a dorm room, the bathroom, bed or backyard were strange—get out and try something a bit more fun! Just make sure it's legal. And for those who said, "I haven't had sex..." we're sorry. But we will have more juicy sex survey results in the coming weeks so you can see what's in store for your future sex life.

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