Condom Testers Wanted

By: Joe Thompson

Lucky Bloke is a condom subscription service where you can order rubbers to be shipped to your house. That in itself is convenient, but the company is also helping the world—and not just from STDs. The company gives 10% of their sales to urgent humanitarian causes, and their current charities are water, UNICEF, and the It Gets Better Project.

But that's not why you clicked, is it?

The company just launched Mission: Great Sex! - a Global Condom Review & Safe Sex Initiative. Men and women, internationally, in every possible demographic, are welcome to participate in testing and reviewing the world's best condoms. It's billed as "the most comprehensive condom review ever conducted" and will feature international brands like Okamoto, Kimono, RFSU, ONE, Lifestyles, Billy Boy, GLYDE, Proper Attire, TROJAN, and Durex. They're even testing the FC2 Female Condom if you use that one. Reviews will happen in the reviewers' homes, dorms, or offices—it's totally up to them. Plus, Lucky Bloke will be sending select reviewers two brand-new condom types that have just come on the market: ONE Tantric Pleasures and TROJAN Charged, Trojan’s sexual enhancement condom.

After reviewers test out the free premium condoms, they complete a simple online questionnaire. Once the survey info has been culled through, Lucky Bloke will then fully release the info on which condoms are really superior to all the rest.

According to the press notes, reviewers' personal information "will be held in the strictest confidence."

For more info, check out Lucky Bloke's website (

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