Let's Talk About Sex, Baby! - Gay.net's Sex Survey Results

By: Gay.com

You guys aren't whores.

That's what the Gay.com / Gay.net staff learned after more than 13,300 of you answered our 2012 Gay Sex and Kinks surveys. In fact, if we were to be judgmental (and we're gay, so we kind of do that naturally) you're basically balanced, normal guys. Sure, you want sex a lot —64% want it every day, sometimes more than once—but 59% actually score each month; and the 4% who said they get it multiple times a day are either liars or hustlers (or both).

We'll present your personal kinks, as well as what you look for in a trick / date / husband, in a future post. For now, let's just talk about sex, baby.

Who took it?
•88% gay, 10% bisexuals, and 1% questioning; of all the respondents, 5 were straight and 4 were lesbians.
•59% are not currently in a relationship, 41% are in one

What's their basic sex info?
•52% are versatile (28% are bottoms, 20% are tops)
•63% say a man's penis size doesn't matter
•54% of you have only had sex with up to 4 people in the last 12 months.
•3% of our readers have never had sex in their lives (so sad)

Here's some more fun dirt about your fellow readers, starting with the basics:

What's your current relationship status?

When did you come out?


•You are early bloomers - 73% of you lost your virginity between ages 13-22

•Of those, 56% had their first same-sex relationship in that same period

•54% of you never had sex with lady parts before coming out

•76% of you did have sex with lady parts after coming out

Needless to say, most of you don't remember the names of every person you've slept with. What is surprising is that 43% of you do, which either means you've got really great memories or you're just super sweet.



What constitutes "sex" for you?

How many sex partners have you had in your life?

When it comes to casual sex, how many one-night-stands have you had?

What do you like to do during sex? Your tastes are across the board, with only 10% saying they love to do everything and anything on the list (body contact, oral sex, anal sex, rimming — all give and receive). For 88% of you condom use is both guys' responsibility, and 75% of you use them all or most of the time. More of you have caught crabs (33%) than any other STD (followed by gonorrhea, HIV, HPV / genital warts, chlamydia, syphilis, genital herpes, and hepatitis).

Some interesting additions to that:

•72% didn't tell a partner he had an STD, while 86% wished an infected partner would tell them

•70% would date an HIV+ person depending on the guy

•24% WOULD have sex with an HIV+ person without a condom depending on the situation

What’s the longest you’ve gone without sex?

How often do you masturbate?

And then the ego-question of the survey: Compared to other men, how good do you think you are at sex?

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