New Gay Adult Film Fetishizes Its Stars' Criminal Records

By: Brandon Voss

Gay porn empress Chi Chi LaRue is pushing the boundaries of good taste, even for porn, with her latest title, Criminal Cocks (NSFW), a compilation video featuring five former gay porn stars who went from man-slammin' to serving time in the slammer for various major crimes.

Culled from old Rascal and All Worlds Video clips, the Channel 1 Releasing video boasts its actors' criminal records and mugshots like a badge of honor: Ryan Idol's attempted murder, Marcus Allen's 1st degree murder, Tim Barnett's serial rape, Tommy Saxx's grand theft, and Tim Lowe's 1st degree murder. Are you turned on yet?

Chi Chi has always been a mistress of clever marketing, but this time has she gone too far?

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