Do Gay-For-Pay Actors Prefer Gay or Straight Partners?

By: Brandon Voss

The latest issue of Just Us Boys, a free bi-monthly magazine devoted to the ins and outs of the gay porn industry, celebrates the virile conundrums that are gay-for-pay adult actors.

In a series of revealing Q&As, a sticky handful of gay porn's hottest heteros gets probed with the following query: "Do you prefer to have scene partners that are straight or gay?" Some answers might surprise you.

Spencer Todd: “Straight, because I know they’re not enjoying it either.”

Chris Tyler: “It doesn’t matter; work is work in the end of the day.”

Tyler Torro: “It doesn’t matter to me as long as the scene flows well and looks good.”

James Huntsman: “Gay partners by far. The industry is heavily saturated with straight performers and if I am going to be participating in gay sex then I would definitely prefer someone who has more experience and ‘flow’ to their actions.”

Evan Mercy: “Gay, because the scene is easier and Straight, because they won’t get clingy.”

Denver Grand: “Wow this question might get me in trouble. Straight, because I know they feel the same way I do about the sex; that it is just a job. When I film with a gay man, I can tell they are enjoying the sex, and that just kind of throws me off a bit. I think most of the models feel the same way, it’s just one of those things that has to do with what is more comfortable.”

Learn much more about these handsomely compensated martyrs at (NSFW, obviously).

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