Your Sex Toys Might Surprise You

By: Brandon Voss

Adam & Eve, a leading online seller of sexual products, has posted a handy infographic of facts and figures that aim to eliminate the shame and stigma still attached to the purchase of adult pleasure enhancers.

Although the survey results are primarily female-focused, including endlessly fascinating info about vibrator history, there are some nuggets of prurient knowledge applicable to gay toy-users:

  • People spend over $15 billion per year on sex toys.
  • Wyoming, those dirty birdies, has the most sex toy purchases per capita.
  • Sex toy stores are reporting record sales since the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon; specifically, the sale of bondage sex toys have increased by more than 50%.
  • Vibrators are the top-selling sex toy, but rubber penises, lube, anal beads, and penis rings come in close behind, respectively.

Not to kill your vibrator buzz, boys, but just remember that sex toys can also make you sick if you're not careful.

Adam and Eve scandalous facts

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