These Craigslist Donkeys Wanted A Roll In The Hay At The DNC

By: Daniel Villarreal

By now we've heard all the political speeches at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina... but have you seen the Craiglist M4M ads posted while it was going on?

Some of the best ones were looking for "convention cock," a "Democrat to feed me your agenda" and anyone who looks like .

But the hottest one was posted by the above gent who claimed to be a busy, well-built delegate looking for a gay threesome. Oooh! Who doesn't love a little after-hours caucus?

Maybe we should have expected the Charlotte M4M section to get busy considering the gay marriage plank in the Democratic National Platform. But we're curious if the Republicans posted more anonymous sex ads during their convention in Tampa, Florida... after all, extramarital gay sex is a political sin amongst the elephants, and forbidden fruit tastes the best!

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