How to Use Your iPhone For Long Distance Sex

By: Brandon Voss

Sexy Skype time just got a lot more interesting with a new Taiwanese invention called LovePalz — which, despite its cutesy name, has nothing to do with two furry stuffed animals. On second thought, maybe it does. 

Available now for pre-order, LovePalz involves two sleekly designed sex toys — the Zeus is basically a motorized penis sleeve and the Hera is pretty much a vibrator — that are connected though the LovePalz app and an Internet connection. Motion-detecting sensors on each device transmit specific action, reaction, speed, and pressure to the opposing device, which supposedly makes a long-distance relationship seem like less of a waste of everybody's time. In some cases, the sex toys may communicate better than the sex partners themselves.

Although a male-female Zeus-Hera combo appears that it would work just as effectively for a top-bottom sitch, the site specifically sells Zeus-Zeus and Hera-Hera pairings. These pairs currently appear to be on sale for $94.95, but if you really feel like ballin' you can splurge on the $10,000 24K golden models.

Watch the instructional videos below for all the dirty details.

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