Adult Star Austin Wilde: Fired For Refusing Sex With Gay-For-Pay Actors?

By: Daniel Villarreal

If you're a subscriber of the gay porn website, you may have noticed Austin WIlde's new scene with up-and-coming porn pup, Andrew Stark.

But what you may not have known is that this scene is most likely among the last that will ever appear on the site because the site's owners—Next Door Studios—fired Wilde this summer for refusing to star in an orgy consisting entirely of gay-for-pay actors.

During Wilde's dismissal (which he told the world about via Twitter), the gay porn blog The Sword noted that:

"... the conflicts between Wilde and some of Next Door’s notorious “gay for pay” exclusives haven’t exactly been a secret. Many will recall Wilde’s absence from other recent Next Door orgies... which suggests a pattern of Wilde not wanting to be associated with certain Next Door productions...

"Wilde’s firing leaves no openly gay exclusives on the Next Door roster (Cody Cummings, Trystan Bull, Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, and Samuel O’Toole all identify as straight or—groan—”bi-curious”)."

As with former Next Door exclusives who had their own sites but were fired and/or retired (Mason Wyler, Tommy D.), Wilde’s site will presumably remain... as an [operational] archive for all his Next Door scenes."

Keep in mind that since this summer Next Door Studio has added several openly gay performers to its exclusive roster. But the site does have a bunch of gay-for-pay stallions in their stables including Cody Cummings, a man who has made his entire career getting blown by gay men.

One commenter on The Sword noted that if gay-for-pay actors like Cummings can stay employed by Next Door Studios while refusing to service other male actors, then Wilde should be able to refuse certain sex acts with gay-for-pay actors as well; otherwise that's a homophobic double-standard.

But putting the shoe on the other foot, by refusing to work with gay-for-pay actors, Wilde is exhibiting a hetero-phobia that's no better than Cody Cummings refusing to suck and bottom for gay porn actors.

Of course, neither Wilde nor Next Door Studios have been forthcoming with details about the firing. But the situation does put a new spin on the old gay-for-pay controversy, except that this time it's gay-for-gay, with a gay-identified actor trying to draw limits to what (and who) he will and won't do.

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