How Lab Mice Helped Unlock a Secret to Male Arousal

By: Daniel Villarreal

The sight of a nice butt in tight jeans or a muscle man in a tank top might get you erect, but it takes a lot more than just visuals to maintain an erection.

Thanks to a study of mice by John Hopkins Medicine, scientists are one step closer to understanding the biochemistry that helps cause and keep men hard.

Basically, when the penis is aroused by the brain or physical stimulation, a wave of nitric oxide in the body helps keep blood flow to your penis going strong—scientists have already known that for decades.

But what the scientists didn't know was that after the initial wave of nitric oxide, a positive feedback loop and a biochemical process called phosphorylation help keep the penis erect through a constant supply of nitric oxide, even after the physical stimulation ends.

Any guy who intends on having sex into old age should celebrate this recent discovery as it could help unlock an entire new generation of ED medications that work better and earlier than current ones.

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