Reese Rideout's Wife Not Terribly Thrilled About His Gay-For-Pay Career

By: Daniel Villarreal

If you get turned on watching's gay-for-pay porn star Reese Rideout, his seemingly distraught wife Becki might turn you off completely.

You see, Becki and Rideout (real name Nick Dent) recently appeared in a VH1 special called I'm Married To A... And while one woman in the show is married to a little person and Becki is married to a straight man who has sex with other men for money, which is kind of different.

She says she's okay with it, but she frowns and looks away during most of their interview below. Later on, he says that the two of them never ever discuss his work. That's probably the best way to handle it in their case.

Looking at Becki's face, you gotta feel for her. While $1,000 an hour is nice, rare is the spouse who looks chipper while her husband talks about porking others.

Let's hope her off-screen marriage has lots more happiness and smiling than her on-screen one. Otherwise, we might stop fapping to Reese Rideout on Becki's behalf altogether.

Oooh! And as an added bonus, you can see an additional clip below about how Nick and Becki got togethet in the first place. It's quite lovely, if you get past the fact that he hid her musky wedding ring under his testicles right before proposing. Who says romance is dead?

Via Gawker and The Sword

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