Can Hot Sauce Spice Up a Better Stiffy?

By: Brandon Voss

A dirty old wives' tale says that hot sauce, when applied rectally, stimulates one seriously major boner. True or ridiculous?

Those chemicals in hot sauce that cause a burning sensation when in contact with mucous membranes are called capsaicinoids, which the folks at io9 think would only turn you on if you’re into pain. But here’s the urban legend’s buffalo chicken nugget of logic:

Capsaicinoids would lead to an increase of blood flow in the area around anus. However, that's still a long way from increasing the amount of blood flow to the penis and sequestering the blood so as to lead to a long term erection. If hot sauce worked in this manner, applying it directly to the penis to increase blood flow to the member would work. Don't try that.

When it comes to causing an erection, it may be less about the hot sauce itself and more about the anal and prostate stimulation. In fact, rectal hot sauce insertion may actually lead to scarring and fistulas.

The io9 author concludes that even if hot sauce did work, Viagra or Cialis are probably more reliable and less painful alternatives.

Although we don’t recommend it at all, have you ever been drunk enough to try proving or disproving this hot sauce theory? Do you know of a better, safer all-natural sexual stimulant?

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