Use Your iPhone and Undies for Long Distance Foreplay

By: Brandon Voss

Sexting and dirty Skyping just not cutting it anymore? Aching to stroke your long-distance lover below the waist? Fundawear is totally made for you.

Using touch actuator technology and a unique real-time server that communicates between iPhones and undergarments, Durex's new Fundawear undies and companion iPhone app basically allow couples to pet and prod each other's naughty bits, even if they're many miles apart — or just when they’re in two different rooms and too lazy to get up. Users can even control the specific location and intensity of the Fundawear stimulation.

Watch the official Fundawear ad and a making-of video below. A straight couple demonstrates the new product, but there's no reason two guys couldn't get in on this long-distance undie action too.

Would you wear Fundawear?

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