Naked New Zealand Rugby Team

By: Joe Thompson

Normally we'd file this under "Amazeballs" but that just seemed too on-the-nose. So instead we're putting it under sports, because these are the kind of balls we know how to play with.

Fun, sexy site Hit Dan Back posted a photo about this nude rugby team from New Zealand that plays in the buff, throwing off their oppoents with their natural, God-given goods so that they can win the game. They're amateur—though some of these guys look pretty professional to us—and their team name is “The Nude Blacks.”

How good are their "goods"? Here are some of the censored photos ('cause we're a family site, yo!)



If you want to see the NSFW images, these links will show you how the players practice, scrimmage, compete, meet fans, cheer, use intimidation tactics, and celebrate victory —all of it in a totally naked state.

Read info about this nude rugby team team here.