Josh Dixon Could Be America's First Openly Gay Male Olympian

By: Daniel Villarreal

In the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, Aussie diver Matthew Mitcham was the only openly gay male athlete competing in the games—which is incredible considering that over 5,000 men competed; they couldn't have all been straight, right?

Well this year, there might be one more openly gay athlete in the mix: 22-year-old American gymnast Josh Dixon. recently interviewed the half-black, half-Japanese, adoptee of mixed race parents (what a sexy multi-culti mix!) and here's a taste of the action:

"Unlike many other recent grads, Dixon didn’t have to worry what he would do post-college: He’s competing for one of the six spots on the U.S. men’s Olympic gymnastics team this week. If he makes it, he would also be the first openly gay gymnast to compete for the American team in its history...

"Asked if he ever felt discrimination, he says he would get questions about his skin color and eye shape. “Some girl would ask, and then be like, ‘Oh, you’re like Tiger Woods!’ But I never had a conflict of identity or anything like that. I’m so proud to be multiracial,” he says. “It’s never been a thing in our family. I don’t need to have a relationship with my birthmother. Oh, please. Dumb.”"

If Dixon does make the gymnastics team, it'll be interesting to see if NBC omits any mention of his sexuality the same way they did with Mitcham in 2008. If they do mention it, it could go a long way to help reduce homophobia in sports, just like Nike is trying to do.

Oh and in case you're wondering, Dixon is single and currently doesn't have the time for a boyfriend—the boy is training for the Olympics, for God's sake. Wait until he wins the gold and then ask him on a date.

One piece of advice though: he prefers dating super-competitive athletes like himself. Better start hitting the gym again, men.

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