There'll Be No Gay American Men In The 2012 Olympics

By: Daniel Villarreal

Remember Josh Dixon, our one hope of getting an openly gay man on a U.S. Olympic team?

Yeah well, the talented athlete missed the bar so to speak by coming in 13th among 15 men competing for six spots on the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team this weekend in San Jose, California.

This majorly sucks because it means that the 2012 Summer games will feature absolutely zero openly gay male American athletes, something that matters immensely because (as In the Life Media points out) homophobia is alive and well in sports; having an openly gay athlete would've helped raise visibility and acceptance of homos in sports.

That's not to take away all of Dixon's accomplishments. In fact, the young competitor could still do a lot to champion gay athletes in sports—hear that telephone ringing, Mr. Dixon? It's Nike's anti-homophobia campaign calling.

Plus, if you wanna see the six studs who did make the Olympic gymnastics team, Outsports has your hook up—eye candy galore.