Putting Panties On Goats Divides Gay Cowboy Community

By: Daniel Villarreal

If you've ever been to a gay rodeo—steers and queers, yeehaw!—then you may have seen an event where two guys put extra-large panties on a goat.

No, they're not lonely ranch hands. 

It's called "goat dressing" and it usually involves two men running up to a tied goat with one man holding up the goat's rear and the second man slipping the panty's leg holes from around his wrists onto the goat's hind legs.

The only problem, according to the animal right group LGBT Compassion, is that goat dressing can seriously injure the animals, giving them permanent, painful limps.

Overall, LGBT Compassion says that gay rodeos expose animals to inhumane and potentially lethal levels of stress, injury and disease.

But fans say that gay rodeos celebrate the roping and riding skills of queer cowboys while including less experienced cowfolk in camp events like putting Hanes Her Way on unsuspecting goats.

Perhaps it would be a sexier event if they had to take the goat's panties off. Oooh, that's baaaaad!

Via Buzzfeed