POLL: How Should The Olympics Deal With Athletic Doping?

By: Daniel Villarreal

Find out why our readers think male Olympians stay closeted.

Yesterday, U.S. Olympic Judo competitor Nick Delpopolo got disqualified when the International Olympic Committee detected marijuana in his system, which made us wonder "Since when has weed been considered a performance-enhancing drug?"

Most people we've seen on dank can hardly assemble a jigsaw puzzle let alone overpower a skilled combatant into submission. 

Delpopolo claims to have unknowingly eaten a magic brownie before coming to London and has apologized for his embarassing mistake.

But though he's the first athlete to be booted during the Games for doping, before the Games the IOC booted four others for doping as well, including lesbian wrestler Stephany Lee who also partook of the magic herb.

To learn more about Olympic doping, we dropped in on the drug addiction blog The Fix which listed The 10 Druggiest Olympic Sports. Their list had some surprises—apparently caffiene, beer, and pain-relieving ointment have dirtied the Olympic shooting, Pentathlon and equestrian events, respectively—who knew?

So we're curious—what do you think the IOL should do about athletic doping? Pop in a vote and let us know your thoughts below.