David Beckham Statues Get Fully Erected

By: Brandon Voss

Finally, it's possible to touch David Beckham without pissing off Posh or the staff at Madame Tussauds.

Commemorating H&M's second David Beckham bodywear campaign, 10-foot metallic statues honoring the half-naked soccer icon are being unveiled today, Aug. 16, and will stand firm through Aug. 19 at nine locations around New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. They may just be the gay-friendliest statues since Andy Warhol popped up in Union Square.

Snap your photo with the bigger, bronzer Becks, tag it #HMBeckham on Instagram, and you could win a limited-edition Beckham mini statue, a signed pair of Beckham undies, or a $1,000 H&M shopping spree. The strangely tattoo-free likenesses will go up elsewhere Aug. 20-31, so follow @hmusa on Twitter for further statue-related updates.