Ooh La La! Preview The 2013 Dieux du Stade Calendar

By: Brandon Voss

Everyone's favorite French rugby calendar is back! 

Photographed by Francois Rousseau in his fourth collaboration with these “gods of the stadium,” the 2013 Dieux du Stade calendar's theme is all about survival and life and water and sailing and — whatevs, they’re all so hot, it's ridiculous.

The new edition includes cover model Scott Lavalla, Jérôme Fillol, Olivier Missoup, Jules Plisson, Djibril Camara, Lisandro Gomez Lopez, Alexandre Flanquart, Hugo Bonneval, Maxime Mermoz, Alexis Palisson, Geoffroy Messina, Morgan Parra, Julien Pierre, Wesley Fofana, Yoann Huget, and more. But please feel free to refer to them as "dude with meaty butt holding fish," "sexy tattooed dude on boat," etc.

Of course, the only thing sexier than the annual Dieux du Stade calendar is the calendar’s annual making-of documentary, in which those picture-perfect French rugby players are set into beautiful motion. Look for that next month.

In the meantime, watch the making-of video trailer — hey, how did that naked lady get in there? — and see six sample calendar shots below.