Naked Athlete Caught Wrestling Another Naked Man in a Hot Tub

By: Brandon Voss

Ever wonder what hot athletes do when they think no one's looking?

While celebrating his 20th birthday in the wee morning hours, popular Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic got naked and wrestled another naked dude in the hot tub of a high-rise condo on Australia’s Gold Coast. Police were called after witnesses worried that one of the men might fall off the balcony, but no charges were filed.

Although looky-loos claim that the men looked like they were trying to kill each other, Tomic called the scuffle "a giggle and a laugh" in an interview with Australia's Channel 9. It's still unclear why the guys were partying together naked in a hot tub in the first place, but no one could blame you for unsportsmanlike fantasies.

Watch the interview, which includes visuals of the dangerously sexy incident.