Chris Kluwe Talks LGBT Equality With Thomas Roberts

By: Jase Peeples

Hot on the heels of Brendon Ayanbadejo’s recent discussion about LGBT equality with out anchorman Don Lemon on CNN yesterday, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe made an appearance on MSNBC to once again lend his voice to the cause as well.

When asked if he felt it was the duty of a professional athlete to speak out on big issues his answer took the question a step further by saying, “I think that’s something every citizen of this country should do. I mean, no matter what job you have, you have a vested interest in making things better for America because you live here. This is our home.”

He then acknowledged the fact that pro athletes often enjoy a higher level of visibility and a higher profile brings with it a certain level of responsibility. “I think the reason most athletes aren’t political and aren’t open is because it can create a distraction and that makes it difficult to focus on your job. But the thing is, we have this platform in order to make a difference and I think it’s incumbent upon us to make that difference.”

As for his feelings on the future of marriage equality in the state of Minnesota, Kluwe said, “I think probably sooner rather than later gay marriage will be legal in this state because the arc of history tends towards freedom.”

This is exactly why Chris Kluwe landed on our list of “Hot NFL Players Who Heart The Gays”. We’re thrilled to be able to call this man an ally.

Watch the full interview below.

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