Batter Up for the Gayest Baseball Game Ever

By: Neal Broverman

The Chicago Cubs, co-owned by openly gay Laura Ricketts, are hosting the Out at Wrigley event on Saturday, and it promises to be one of the nation's most gay-friendly sporting events.

The Cubs will take on the Los Angeles Dodgers during Out at Wrigley, which will feature two rainbow gay pride flags waving from the upper deck. Meanwhile, out singer Adam LeBlanc, a Chicago performer, will sing the National Anthem, while Brandon Benefield will throw the game's first pitch. LeBlanc and Benefield were chosen during contests at local Chicago gay bars.

Tickets for Out at Wrigley, which started over a decade ago, are still available

The Cubs' committment to its LGBT fans has earned the team a spot in the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame, which inducts its inaugural class on Friday. Other inductees include Dave Kopay, Martina Navratilova, Jason Collins, Johnny Weir, and Orlando Cruz.

(Via Out Traveler)