The Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads for Gay Viewers

By: Joe Thompson

It goes without saying that the modern Super Bowl ad appeals to the best (and worst) of our American humor, so will this year be an overall winner for LGBT viewers? As football fans from all colors of the spectrum gear up for the big game on Sunday, let's look back at some highs and lows during the commercials — those TV moments we loved, and of course the ones that made us cringe!

Ellen DeGeneres did this adorable Super Bowl ad for Beats. Well, technically she debuted it on her show in the video above. In it, we get to watch Ellen do one the things she loves best — dance!


This Doritos ad from 2013 got mixed reviews, with some saying it played into gender role stereotypes while others saying it challenged them. Decide for yourself in the video above.


Hey — this is the Super Bowl, two men can't do that Lady and the Tramp spaghetti thing! In this 2007 Super Bowl spot, two mechanics chomp at opposite ends of the same Snickers bar and — oops! — kiss each other when they meet in the middle. In the version that aired during the game, one of the guys slams a car hood down on the other guy's head. As you may have guessed, LGBT activists were not laughing. In the video of the commercial posted above, all the alternate endings are included, though some never aired and were instead available online.