2014 Super Bowl Hunk Hot List

By: Morris Chapdelaine

It was a tough job I know, but someone had to do it.

I had a great time here at the GuySpy office picking my favorite football hunks. There are a ton of guys to choose from but in the end I was able to narrow it down to a top 11. Did I miss anyone? Who’s your favorite Super Bowl hunk? Now…where did I put my chicken wing recipe?

Eric Decker – Wide Receiver (Broncos)- Eric is married to Jessie James, the hot and popular singer from Italy.


Luke Wilson – Tight End (Seahawks)- Luke is Canadian, no wonder he is so hot.


Matt Prater – Placekicker (Broncos)- He holds NFL record for kicking the longest field goal of 64 yards.


J. R. Sweezy – Guard (Seahawks)- Sweezy is a HUGE guy, literally he has a large body frame. He likes to lift weights everyday.


Von Miller – Linebacker (Broncos)- Von is known for his speeding tickets. He likes them fast eh? ;)


Doug Baldwin – Wide Receiver (Seahawks)- Doug is a Youtube Vlogger, you can find more of his videos on Youtube.


Britton Colquitt – Punter (Broncos)- Britton comes from a family of Football players.


Christine Michael – Running Back (Seahawks)- His mom wanted a girl, so they gave him a girl’s name.

For the rest of our hot list head to GuySpy.com and see the rest of the Superbowls hottest boys!