Who Cares About the World Cup When Men Are Playing Naked Rugby?

By: Ross von Metzke

Forget about the World Cup for a second. Yeah, those guys are hot, but barring a major wardrobe malfunction, they’re mostly clothed.

Instead, direct your attention to New Zealand’s annual naked rugby match. This year’s game was held in Dunedin where the Nude Blacks beat an English Invitational team 24-19. That score, however, could potentially be up for debate, The game’s referee, Julie White, is blind and scored the game using special braille red and yellow cards.

Rather than go into too much detail about the game — the winning team takes home the “Dunny-din” trophy and the original story has a lot of references to a “tight game” and oval balls — just click here to enjoy some of the more racy photos from the event.

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