Who Wants to See Cristiano Ronaldo Naked?

By: Ross von Metzke

Jimmy Kimmel knows how to give his audience what they want.

The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live had a surprise for his audience on Monday night — the first-ever nude photograph taken of Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo, who is currently playing for Portugal in the World Cup, lit up TV screens over the weekend when his team tied the United States in a nail-biting 2-2 match. But the real take away from that game, at least for anyone who hasn’t already lost many an hour to doing Google images searches of the 29-year-old soccer player, is how good he looks on — and off — the field.

Fear not — Kimmel did his homework, and the photo he shared with his audience does not disappoint. As Kimmel himself said: “He doesn’t even look real — he looks like a Ronaldo doll, right?”

And so, without further adieu, enjoy your first look at Cristiano Ronaldo, naked.

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