VOTE: Plus-Size Male Models

By: Brody Scott

The average male model, like Noah Mills, Sean O'Pry and the many gorgeous, muscular men featured on, aren't like most guys. They all fall into the standard sizing for a man in the modeling business: around 6’1” with an approximately 32-inch waist, and they must fit into a men’s sample size, which is a medium.

Is that your size? Or are your pants a bit closer to a 36-inch waist? Maybe even a size 40?

And if that's the case, who represents those larger men in fashion?

Fashion blog The Cut wondered, with women's plus-modeling booming over the last decade, male models must be following, right?


“I don’t know anyone who has one,” an agent from DNA model management, of plus-size female models, told the New York blog.

“I never really thought about it until you asked me,” another agent, admitted.

A men’s booker for Wilhelmina, wondered if there was even any place for plus-size male models. “Women’s ‘plus size’ is based on the fact that curves can be sexy,” he explained to the blog, via email. “The equivalent of curves on a man is a beer gut and love handles and that’s not sexy, unless it’s the movie Hitch or something with Jack Black” (which not everyone thinks of as sexy, anyway).

The article reveals that the real introduction of plus-size models in women's clothing (mostly) came from a demand for different body type representation. Change comes from the public first, and then fashion follows.

"We’re only providing a service; if there is a demand for it, we will provide for that," as one agent put it. "We’re not opposed to it on a principled level. But if we took on those models, they’re going to not work.”

But is the public demand already there?

Last year, the fine gentleman’s style journal Fantastic Man published a sumptuous alternative to the majority of ultra-skinny male model fashion spreads on the scene.

The mag described the editorial as "a series of stylistic suggestions for bold summer fashions to be worn by gentlemen of quite marvelous shape." The fetching shots, captured by Andreas Larsson and styled by Julian Gan, inspired both a lot of love and less than pleased comments from our readers.

Now that we've heard from the pros, we want to know what you think:


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