Gay Guys Like Buying Self- Improvement Products And Booze

By: Daniel Villarreal

Gay men buy lots of smartphones, prefer liquor over beer and also spend a lot on self-improvement products, according to a new study of over 45,000 LGBT consumers by Community Marketing, Inc.

The study mostly focused on the purchasing habits of gay men and lesbians and also found that:


  • 77 percent of gay men plan to vote for Barack Obama, and many are actively involved in financial and volunteer support.
  • 91 percent of gay men own “smartphones,” up 23 percent from 2011. The most popular smartphone is iPhone (with Android phones quickly gaining ground).
  • Straight men drink 3 times more beer than gay men, but gay men drink 50 percent more spirits/cocktails than straight men.
  • 49 percent of gay men under age 30 have a gym membership.

Also, gay men apparently like the term “LGBT” but really dislike the term "LGBTQQIA," probably because we have no idea what some of the ending letters stand for—queer, questioning, intersex and... allies? asexuals?

Though we've put two of their more interesting charts below, you really should read the study for yourself—it's short and chock full of easy-to-understand graphics, perfect for reading on your smartphone while sipping a cocktail at the gym.

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