STUDY: Gays Use Facebook and Twitter More Than Straights

By: Brandon Voss

Ever seem like everyone on Facebook and Twitter is gay? You're not crazy.

According to a recent survey from Pew, LGBT adults use social networking sites significantly more than straight folks, as reported by MediaPost.

Pew discovered that 80% of the LGBT people surveyed have used a social network site like Facebook or Twitter, compared with 58% of the general public and 68% of U.S. Internet users.

Could this be because more LGBT adults are more likely to use the Internet for dating and finding friends? Asked about their purpose in going online, 55% of LGBT adults — specifically 69% of gay men — said they've met new LGBT friends online or through social media.

Why do you think LGBTs are more likely to have a Facebook or Twitter account? Can a gay man survive in today's culture without some sort of social media presence?

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